A Technical Advancement in LVT/SCP Flooring

WHAT IS superION™ Technology?

Next-Gen presents the SuperIONwear layer, an exclusive innovation designed to increase the durability and protection of our waterproof vinyl flooring offerings. Embedded permanently into every vinyl flooring product Next-Gen manufactures, whether it’s Rigid Core, Luxury Vinyl Tile, or Engineered Wood, you’ll find the SuperION wear layer protection applied standard.

This transparent top layer acts as a formidable shield, guarding your flooring against the rigors of daily life, including scratches, stains, scuffs, and the harmful effects of UV exposure. With SuperION™, NextGen is able to ensure the utmost in quality and resilience.


SUPERION™ has prioritized durability amongst the many benifits of the properietary wear layer. It incorporates an exceptionally tough top layer, resistant to abrasion, which brings together the strengths of industrial grade vynil protection and cutting-edge ceramic coat. This innovative blend results in an ultra-sturdy, UV resistant, and durable surface that help you maintan the allure of the surfaces for decades.


✓ Exclusively by NextGen.
✓ 25% more resistant to scratches.
✓ Increased stain resistance.
✓ Longer life cycle of products.

SUPERION™ is owned by NextGen Surfaces.