3D wood grain composites are innovative and friendly for the environment. These recyclable surfaces can look, feel and used like wood for decorative and surfacing solutions. However they safer to use, and outlast wood every given time. With strong scratch resistance, mildew resistance, waterproof, anti fading characteristics its a no brainer why these surfaces have become the choice for so many new decks and patios. 


Expect performance from your DECKING MATERIAL
Premium Luxury Decking is an impressive gathering of beautiful natural wood mixed with rubber and recycled plastics to ensure a pore free surfaces. It provides sleek contemporary looks along with modern technology to unleash new materials. 

Low maintenance and easy to clean
Exceptional durability and sustainability

Highly stain, chip and scratch resistant
Perfect for commercial or residential

Waterproof – UV proof – Termite Proof – Stain & Damage Resistance – 15 year warranty

NextGen offers multitude of options to choose from.
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