Next-Gen® surfaces is a wholesale name in the surfacing products industry in Northeast America.

We were born with a vision to bring the next generation of highly sought-after surfacing products to the building material industry. We envision a future where synthetic materials not only match but surpass natural alternatives in appearance, performance, and ecological benefits. We strongly believe that every preserved tree and mountain contributes to the well-being of future generations, making it essential to protect them.

We specialize in intelligent supply of artificial flooring, countertops, roofing, and wall cladding solutions for both projects and homes, all of which are not only highly appealing but also superior to their natural alternatives such as stone and wood.

Behind our commitment, you’ll find us with us sleeves roleld up, working hard everyday to help you get the best value for your purchase. Next-Gen’s family group has been in the manufacturing and distrubution of building materials since 2010. Our US venture was established with a mission to control the entire process from manufacturing to local trade. This is to ensure that the quality and value are passed hand in hand to benefit the end consumer.

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